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Prayers for Debt: Blessing a Budget, Prayer to Stop Spending, and More

Nothing makes one feel helpless quite like being in debt. The following prayers ask God for strength, courage and guidance to maintain a budget, stop spending, fight creditors, and celebrate paying off bills.

Prayer to Bless a Budget

Admitting one is in debt is the beginning of the debt solution. Sticking to a budget to prevent future debt, however, can be a challenge.

The following prayer asks God’s help in getting out of debt: “God of giving, please give me more of Your love, that I might crave fewer material possessions. Grant me a sense of fullness, not emptiness, as I stick to this budget. Especially protect me from ([nsert area or areas where tend to overspend] and other ways that may sabotage my budget. Remind me I am Your beloved child, with whom You are well pleased, so that I might get my finances back on track. In Your loving and precious name, Amen.”

One may say this prayer daily, after balancing the checkbook, or any time support to stay out of the red is needed.

Prayer to Stop Spending

It’s easy to spend money one doesn’t have keeping up with a social scene, staying entertained, or just to fight a bad day.

The following prayer may be used before making an unnecessary purchase: “God, help! I’m about to spend money I don’t have. Help me to stop. I will stop in Your name! Amen.”

This prayer can be memorized and recited internally to combat unnecessary spending at any time.

Prayer to Fight Creditors

Nothing is more humbling than working with creditors when one lacks the money to pay all the bills.

The following prayer asks God for strength and guidance while negotiating with creditors: “Dear God, please be with me as I negotiate with creditors to pay my bills. No matter how they may treat me, let me treat them with respect and kindness. No matter how I feel, let me find strength in You, O Lord. Indeed, God, I am not a bad person because I am in debt. Rather, I am a person trying to change with Your help. Be with me as I try to pay all of my bills, and bless me in my journey out of debt. In Your loving and precious name, Amen.”

Thanksgiving for Debts Paid

After a debt is paid, it’s time to celebrate.

The following prayer offers God’s thanks for paying off a debt and rejoices in growing freedom from debt: “Thank you, God that I’ve paid off [insert debt or bill.] I’ve worked so hard and given so much to pay this off [pause to reflect on how long it took, how many sacrifices were made to pay off this debt.] I rejoice, now, to be free of this bill! Please guide and bless me as I seek freedom from debt, that I might pay off my debts in Your time, to the glory of Your name. Amen.”

Getting out of debt takes time, and every victory over debt, can be celebrated with God. Select any debt paid, from the simplest monthly bill to a credit card balance, and invite God to rejoice in it, too.

Being in debt can be frustrating. With prayer, however, one is not alone in debt, or anywhere else in life.

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